The following protocols are available globally.

  • A container class for configurations and flags

    Any swift class that adopts this protocol can be used as an entry point for flags and containers that are controlled by ROX system. To use an instance of this class you need to register the instance using the ROX.register(_:) method and retrieve the instance using ROX.get(_:) method

    Here is an example of a class using flags and containers together:

         public class MyContainer : RoxContainer {
            //group support feature flag
            let groupSupport = RoxFlag()
            // String configuration defaulted to "Hello World"
            let message = RoxConfigurationString(defaultValue: "Hello World")
            // Bool configuration default to true
            let shouldShowBadge = RoxConfigurationBool(defaultValue: true)
            // Int configuration default to 100
            let popupTimeout = RoxConfigurationInt(defaultValue: 100)
            // Double configuration default to
            let ratio = RoxConfigurationDouble(defaultValue: 0.55)
        // Register MyContainer class
        // Access MyContainer from any
        let conf = ROX.get(MyContainer.self)!
        // Use the Flag
        conf.groupSupport.enabled {
            print("group support enable code goes here")
        print("Welcome message is '\(conf.message.value)'")
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    public protocol RoxContainer : class