ROX by Rollout

ROX is a Continuous Feature Rollouts system

API Docs


  • Mobile-first: ROX is the first feature flagging system built from the ground up to run directly inside phones, tablets and wearables.
  • Simple: ROX allows developer to focus on their business logic and not working with complex configuration on the dashabord
  • Modern: Using static types, the compiler and IDE are responsible to prevent collisions to allow easy flags discovery by develoeprs (by autocomplete)
  • Support Optimizations: ROX unique proposition is that is supports the company needs a full capable exerimentation system, for A/B/N testing, optimizations, customizations and more
  • Remote Conifguraion included: ROX include a remote configuraiton module that allows developers to defined configuration that can be controlled from the server

Getting Started

Please see the detailed instructions in our docs how to add ROX to your project.


Getting started guide, use cases, examples and videos can be found in Rollout support site


If you use ROX and are happy with it, all we ask is that you please consider emailing to share your thoughts!

And if you don’t like it, please let us know what you would like improved, so we can fix it!